♫-Artist: Ind1go / MBeyeline | Title: Total Control | Date: 2013 | Genre: Electronic | Style: Dubstep/Bass/Control

Official Ind1go remix of MBeyeline - Total Control.

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♫-Artist: Ind1go / Justin Mattock / Deuce | Title: The Power / America (mash up) | Date: 2013 | Label: n/a | Genre: Electronic | Style: Dubstep/Bass/Power

This is a mashup. (fanmade) Please support both releases.

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New release: 4 december 2013

♫-Artist: Prosmack & Ind1go | Title: Freakshow | Date: 2013 | Label: n/a | Genre: Electronic | Style: Glitch/Bass/Bass hop/Bunny Hop/freakshow

2ne1 - Falling in Love (Ind1go dubstep remix) 2014

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2NE1 is a four-member South Korean hip-hop/pop girl group formed by YG Entertainment in 2009. The band consists of four members: CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy. 

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If only …

If only there was no left, everybody would go the right way.

Emptyness is filling me. :(

The angle of my desk is up to something. :)

Toda y sucks

Today is a good day. =)

My first Dubstyle remix! ^_^

Dubstyle is a combination of dubstep and hardstyle, the genre is very new and still in development. Some tracks are really awesome but for the rest you can clearly hear that the genre is new and people are finding their style.

This is my first dubstyle remix. =)

Do you remember this? I do!

Jessie J. ft. BoB - Price Tag..dubstep remix! ^_^

My new track demo, YOLO! ^_^


This new Ind1go track will blow your brains out! Full length high quality version with free download.